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You Are Atomic Poem

A poem I wrote about our oldest evolutionary truth, that we arev all made from atoms, that we are all connected, we are all the universe. Looking up deep into sky Wondering brain asking why Trying to get a grasp of scale Differing reports of the history trail Perspective shift from all about us To […]

Jill Bolte Taylor: Stroke of Insight

Incredible story of a neuroscientist who had a left brain stroke and experienced what is what like to inhabit a pure right brain consciousness. This gives an amazing insight into the right brain’s connectedness with the energy all around us and as humans become increasingly left brain dominated this is a timely reminder to practice […]

The Divided Brain

I am fascinated by this TED discussion by Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist how our brain fundamentally works in two different ways yet this duality is often masked by our mindlessness. Our left brain is good are knowing defined detail yet this often delivers a meaningless pile of fragments and our right brain is good at understanding […]