My Poems

You Are Atomic Poem

A poem I wrote about our oldest evolutionary truth, that we arev all made from atoms, that we are all connected, we are all the universe. Looking up deep into sky Wondering brain asking why Trying to get a grasp of scale Differing reports of the history trail Perspective shift from all about us To […]

Lotus Dreaming Poem by Tory

Arriving, perfect timing.Late, fate hesitateComing here to mediateQuiet night, dream insideothers moving different tides.Sitting breathing frogs I’m hearing,listening and learningancient dreaming. Outside stillness inside stirringNew ways to be, I am learningBody nourished real food yearningRelaxing now and life time caring. Fire outside crackles brightlySome eyes can see now softly softlyDo I know you? I think […]