My first priority is to my family and wife and to try and be the best version of myself that I can. This means doing my practice each and every day to help me stay calm, in the moment and prioritised on the things in life I value.

All my programs and courses are firmly grounded in the reality that modern life is. Providing a house and money, being a good husband or wife and parent, keeping up with friends, trying to look after the environment – it takes time.

All of my courses are designed to be practical and fun and only take a few minutes at a time.

billabong retreat

Tory and myself created Billabong Retreat from nothing and opened our doors in 2011. It has been an incredible journey and we have been fortunate to attract the most kind hearted and hard working staff and the most supportive and loyal guests.

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CHANGE your brain

We are all changing our brain every minute of every day whether you know it or not -so why not have an input into how your brain get changes!